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by Apollo Mighty

"Wilderness" represents a time in Apollo's own story in which he is absolutely free creatively and unburdened by the pressures of his ascension into the ranks of the r&b elite. He is free to thrive and shape his art and image as he sees fit, at the risk of displaying vulnerability and self-doubt to find it.


If the project leaves the listener with nothing else, it will surely enter into the life soundtrack of anyone striving to experience the world unfiltered. Apollo Mighty hopes to be a beacon for such bravery, even if means forming the path in the woods alone. "Wilderness" is an eleven track original project featuring production from DJ Dahi, Lewis Cullen, B.A. The Misfit, and ItsDutchee. All songs were written by Apollo.

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Apollo Mighty 4_By MyronSwift-Parker.JPG

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